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FHMS Talent Show Finalists

CONGRATULATIONS!!  We had almost 50 students audition.  You all did such a great job – we are so proud of your hard work.  It was difficult for us to cut any of you, but we had to narrow the finalists down to 15 acts to fit our assembly schedule.  You can pick up your CD from Ms. Swallow.

FINALISTS:  you are required to attend the after school rehearsal TOMORROW, Wednesday, April 17, after school.  Meet in the auditorium, sitting in the first three rows in the center section.  We will discuss the expectations for the assembly, do a cue-to-cue run-through with the tech, and then run the entire show.  If we all act in a professional manner, we can be done in one hour.  Be sure to talk to your 1st and 2nd period teachers about missing their class on Thursday.  THANKS!!

  • C. Childs & B. Carr
  • G. Pugmire, A. Raleigh, A. Rossetti, J. Peterson, & K.  Moody
  • S. Stoyle
  • L. Anderson & A. Smith
  • Lafeen, K. Giles, M. Brett, J. Fox, K. Whitehead, M. Evans, Z. Lee, K. Baum
  • N. Vaughn
  • Voutaz, S. Smith, K. Waff
  • Ongoongotau
  • Jessop, N. Lucio, A. Lee, S. Jessop
  • K. & S. Kula
  • Klavacek & E. Tonks
  • Brundage
  • S. Durrant
  • Davis
  • N. Wall