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We’ve Got Talent!

It was so fun seeing everyone's talents this year! There were so many great acts! Sadly, we can't pick all 60 of you.
Here is what we were looking for this year:
1) Were you performance ready?
2) Were you unique?
3) Were you creative?
4) Were you entertaining?


If you want to try out next year, here are some tips:
1) Be unique!
2) Be creative!
3) Include a bunch of people!
4) Be confident!
5) Practice! Practice! Practice!


Below is the list of everyone who will be performing on Thursday. You MUST attend the dress rehearsal after school on Wednesday. Be in costume! Also, all acts MUST see me during TA tomorrow. Anyone who does not show risks being cut from the performance.


Justice Johnston
Sydney Curtis


April Kerr


Courtney Davis


Izak Heater, Josh Lucardie, Ashley Baron, Sabrina Barrick


Brie Carr, Riley Curtis, Abby Wilkey, Kylie Erickson


Rhyan Healey


Gentry Rose


Axel Delaney




Allison Brundage
Jaidan-Starr Fox
Morgan Wright


Snow Rhodes


Megan Barron


Ruth Barnum


Thank you to everyone who tried out! We love you all! Keep being involved and showing Ft. Herriman your many talents!


-The Talent Show Committee