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Honk! Jr. – Cast List


Please remember that we are so proud of all of you. You all did a fantastic job! I hope you had fun. We do not have named parts for all of you, however, all chorus members will be required to create their own character and give themselves a name. There will be a lot required of you chorus members! Don’t think you got off easy!

We are so excited for this show and we believe that we will have a great cast. There may be additional opportunities dependant on who drops out/decides not to do the show. We will have our first rehearsal on Tuesday, February 4th, at 2:45 in the auditorium. Don’t be late! We will be having a parent meeting on February 6th at 4:30pm. Please try to attend.

Honk! Jr. Cast List   *** Means that this actor is also in the chorus

Ugly Dallin Theriault
Ida Kylie Kirkham
Drake James Tolley
Beaky ***Kylee Foulger
Billy ***Abi Hammer
Fluff ***Taigan Andrus
Downy ***Emily Weineger
Maureen ***Anna Eskelson
The Cat Danielle Fisher
The Turkey ***Logan Parent
Henrietta ***Emma Leister
Greylag ***Henry Pullan
Dot ***Ruth Barnum
Barnacles ***McKenzie Babcock
Snowy ***Dalton Alfred
Pinkfoot ***Calvin Jackson
Grace ***Sarah Utley
Bullfrog ***Kyler Alm
Penny ***Brinlee Johnson
Father Swan ***Jared Beynon
Mother Swan ***Bella Bangerter
Bewick ***Carter Hickenlooper
Maggie Pie ***Kayla Hebertson
Snow Queen ***April Kerr
Farmer voice ***Dallin Moody
Little Girl #1 voice ***Joni Grose
Little Girl #2 voice ***Shae Potter
Froglet #1 ***Ashlee Goldhardt
Froglet #2 ***Cady Anderson


Chorus Members (Duck, Goose, and Frog)

Aleksa Allen Alexis Dietrick
Ashlee Goldhardt Aly O’Rourke
Anna Hansen Audri Dara
Avery Lloyd Bailey Lyman
Bailey Sorensen Cady Anderson
Calli Dietrick Dallin Moody
Emily Eskelson Jessica Webster
Joni Grose Kailyn Garrett
Kala Hyte Kammy Bigler
Karlee Calton Katie Carter
Kelly Cox Kylie Turley
Lauren O’Rourke Megan Longmore
Natalie Cumming Nelia Lucio
Preslie Thorne Sabrina Barrick
Shae Potter Tyllar Hubbard