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2:45:00 Kortney Harris Solos 2:45:00 Whitney Wilson, August Raleigh Dance Groups
2:50:00 Jordan Clegg 2:50:00 The Mimers
2:55:00 Bella Ewing 2:55:00 Emily Winegar, Mackenna Allen, Ellie Kerr
3:00:00 Megan Hepworth 3:00:00 Brie Carr, Riley Curtis, Abby Wilkey, Kylie Erickson
3:05:00 Maddie Petersen 3:05:00 Savannah Kelsch, Victoria Ewing
3:10:00 Justice Johnston 3:10:00 Irish Dance Group
3:15:00 Bryn Olsen 3:15:00 Emma Cummings, Emma Adams
3:20:00 April Kerr 3:20:00
3:25:00 Bella Bangerter 3:25:00 Tyllar Hubbard Dance Solos
3:30:00 Nicole Wall 3:30:00 Jaidan-Starr Fox
3:35:00 Katie Carter 3:35:00 Gentry Rose
3:40:00 Danielle Fisher 3:40:00 Abigail Brammer
3:45:00 Aislin Pyper 3:45:00 Morghan Wright
3:50:00 3:50:00 Sydney Halcom
3:55:00 Megan Longmore, Brianna Jentzsch Duets/Trio 3:55:00
4:00:00 Aly O'Rourke, Kaitlyn Tarr, Logan Parent 4:00:00 Allison Brundage Instruments
4:05:00 Savanna Kula, Kenna Brett 4:05:00 Morgan Winterton
4:10:00 Shae Potter, Kammy Bigler 4:10:00 Sydney Curtis
4:15:00 Anna Eskelson, Emily Eskelson 4:15:00
4:20:00 Samantha Jessop, Ambria Jessop 4:20:00 Esther Rojo
4:25:00 4:25:00 Lily Martindale
4:30:00 Courtney Davis Singing with Instrument 4:30:00 Aspen Jenkins
4:35:00 Alyssa Wright 4:35:00 Calvin Jackson
4:40:00 Chandler Voutaz 4:40:00 Samantha Jessop
4:45:00 Gabby Bangerter 4:45:00 Sarah Utley, Gavrielle Whittikiend
4:50:00 Breanna Hurdsman
4:55:00 Ruth Barnum
5:00:00 Misc
5:05:00 Snow Rhodes Martial Arts
5:10:00 Izak Heather, Ashley Baron, Sabrina Barrick, Josh Lucardie Martial Arts
5:15:00 Jared Casto Unicycle
5:20:00 Megan Barron Yo-yo
5:25:00 Jessica Webster Magic
5:30:00 McKenna Weidaver, Denise Arechiga, Lilly Arns, Lexi Garcia Comedy Act
5:35:00 Dallas Smith Art
5:40:00 Precussion Group- Emily, Brinlee, Jackson, Lucas

Wednesday - October 2, 2013 from 4pm to 8pm

Thursday - October 3, 2013 from 4pm to 7pm

Please contact your TA teacher (8th period) for your scheduled appointment time.

Parents: Please refrain from participating in drop-in time during the first 15 minutes of each hour.  Please remember that drop-in time is only scheduled for the last 45 minutes of each hour.  Thanks!

Welcome Back Fort Herriman!

5:00-5:30 pm     PTSA General Session

5:30-6:10 pm     Opening Session

6:15-6:30 pm     TA

6:35-6:43 pm     1st Period

6:48-6:56 pm     2nd Period

7:01-7:09 pm     3rd Period

7:14-7:22 pm     4th Period

7:27-7:35 pm     5th Period

7:40-7:48 pm     6th Period

7:53-8:00 pm     7th Period

Performances of FHMS's musical production, "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown," are this week!  Come to see Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy and the rest of the gang this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, May 1st through 3rd.  Performances will begin at 6:00 pm in the auditorium.  Come early to get a good seat and bring all your friends (it's free!).

CONGRATULATIONS!!  We had almost 50 students audition.  You all did such a great job – we are so proud of your hard work.  It was difficult for us to cut any of you, but we had to narrow the finalists down to 15 acts to fit our assembly schedule.  You can pick up your CD from Ms. Swallow.

FINALISTS:  you are required to attend the after school rehearsal TOMORROW, Wednesday, April 17, after school.  Meet in the auditorium, sitting in the first three rows in the center section.  We will discuss the expectations for the assembly, do a cue-to-cue run-through with the tech, and then run the entire show.  If we all act in a professional manner, we can be done in one hour.  Be sure to talk to your 1st and 2nd period teachers about missing their class on Thursday.  THANKS!!

  • C. Childs & B. Carr
  • G. Pugmire, A. Raleigh, A. Rossetti, J. Peterson, & K.  Moody
  • S. Stoyle
  • L. Anderson & A. Smith
  • Lafeen, K. Giles, M. Brett, J. Fox, K. Whitehead, M. Evans, Z. Lee, K. Baum
  • N. Vaughn
  • Voutaz, S. Smith, K. Waff
  • Ongoongotau
  • Jessop, N. Lucio, A. Lee, S. Jessop
  • K. & S. Kula
  • Klavacek & E. Tonks
  • Brundage
  • S. Durrant
  • Davis
  • N. Wall

The Fort Herriman Middle School's annual Talent Show will be held during school Thursday, April 18th.

Auditions will be scheduled for after school on Monday, April 15th.  If you are interested in auditioning, print off, fill out and return this Talent Show Audition Form to Ms. Swallow (PA 102) by next Wednesday, April 10th.  Your act must be PERFORMANCE READY (with all necessary, school-appropriate costumes and music) by the audition in order to be considered for the show.  An audition schedule will be posted on-line and outside of the office by Friday morning (9:00 am).  Acts that are accepted to perform in the Talent Show will posted on the website and outside the office after school on Tuesday, April 16th.  Talent Show participants will need to rehearse in the auditorium after school on Wednesday, April 17th.  Good Luck!

Schedule of Events

Talent Show Audition Form

Wednesday - April 10th

Auditions Schedule Posted

Friday - April 12th


Monday - April 15th

Talent Show Acts Posted

Tuesday - April 16th

Talent Show Rehearsal

Wednesday - April 17th

Talent Show

Thursday - April 18th

The Jordan/Canyons districts art shows are from April 5-12th at the South Towne Center.

Our FHMS Spring art show is from April 15-19th in the FHMS media center. There is also an art show reception on Monday April 15th from 3:00-5:00 pm in the FHMS media center.