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Faculty: Staff Directory

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No Photo Available
Cece Fowers Resource Officer
Photo of Deborah Fredley
Photo of Jean Fullmer
Jean Fullmer Physical Education/ Dance
Photo of Robyn Goldy
Robyn Goldy Main Office
Photo of Karla Gomez
Photo of Jody Gomm
Jody Gomm Nutrition
Photo of Shayli Gourley
Shayli Gourley Physical Education/ Health
Photo of Teresa Hansen
Teresa Hansen Head Attendance Secretary
Photo of Mathew Hardy
Mathew Hardy Custodian
Photo of Lori Haworth
Lori Haworth Nutrition
No Photo Available
Jamie Jacobson Instructional Assistant
Photo of Raimee Jensen
Raimee Jensen Assistant Principal
Photo of Deanna Jex
Deanna Jex Counseling